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Liuyang Wenchi Electric Ignition Instruments Co., Ltd was

established in 1998. It's a private company in researching and producing high-quality and high accuracy electric ignition instruments. We have also been the first producer of electric match for fireworks in China and our product was applied to 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Our company is located at Liuyang , the world's top distributing center of fireworks with beautiful environment and convenient traffic.

The trade mark of our product is " WS Wushi". Its registration number is 5123242. We

have complete export certifications, 1.4S UN0454, American Ex number, CE certificate and others. The igniters made Wenchi are sold to China but also exported to EU, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Russie,the Republic of Kazakhstan, Japan, Korea, Singapore and etc.. We produce electric matches in several categories of use and they are widely used in the field of fireworks display, deratisation in the farm, film shooting, environmental protection, electric power, oil drilling, military exercise, fire -fighting equipment, automobile safety airbag and so on.

Wenchi Electric Ignition Instruments Co., Ltd had successfully finished the one-year workrooms & facilities remodeling and science & technology developing. With enhancing comprehensive ability, our company takes advantage of its geographical position and uses the advanced facilities & technology resources, we've made the change from simple handwork to modernized assembly line operation. After the positive innovation and improvement, our company has owned many national patents of electric match. Through adopting the advanced technology, selecting the high quality raw materials and introducing the international advanced test facilities to the operation, we can precisely test the various performance index of the electric matches and make the product’s quality get a bran-new improvement. We’ve also achieved diversity in our products from single kind, which makes its range of use wider and more specific. According to customers' request, our company can customize the products with various parameters and purposes. Our products can completely satisfy multi-demands in civil industry.

                                                                                                      High-quality products
100% firing rate
Firing with millisecond precision
No dud in seriesfiring
Powder heads of the same size
Sparks of the same size
Stable resistance
Long shelf life
Moisture proof

No prohibited

WS Wenchi
Add:Changqing Village,  Jili Sub-district Office,
           Liuyang,  Hunan Province,  China